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“Vision without action is a day dream, but action without vision is a nightmare.”

When people see the name Vision Driven Basketball, it often times blends in with all of the other names they might see out there. 

But the name Vision Driven Basketball has very deliberate meaning behind it, and it is what inspires everything that we do. 

I believe that in order to reach your highest goals, you must first have a clear vision of what that goal is. You must have a clear vision of how you are going to get to your destination. 

Having that clear vision is the most powerful step you can take towards actually getting what you want. Now you are driven by that vision. You know what it will take, and now you can accept nothing less from yourself. 

We aren’t called “Motivation Driven Basketball”. Motivation is fleeting. You may feel motivated one day and then unmotivated the next day. And if you are driven by your motivation, you will be inconsistent and unsuccessful. 

When you are driven by your vision, how you feel or outside circumstances don’t dictate your actions. You get up everyday and do what needs to be done. No questions asked. That is how you get the things you want in the long term. 

My goal is to help players with this vision and to provide them with the road map to actually get the results they want.

About Ethan

Ethan is located in State College, PA and founded Vision Driven Basketball LLC in the Summer of 2019. Since then he has worked with numerous players at the youth level, high school level, collegiate level, including D1, D2, D3, and NAIA, and players at the professional level. He trains players locally in Central PA.

Ethan is also going into his third season as the Head Junior Varsity/Assistant Varsity Coach at Central Mountain High School in Mill Hall, PA. Along with that, he also coaches AAU with the PA Prime organization based in State College.

Ethan has worked with many other trainers as well as organizations such as Breakthrough Basketball to assist with running camps and clinics throughout the area.

In addition to Ethan's local basketball training business, he has amassed an audience of over 30,000 though his YouTube channel and Instagram page and works with players from all over the world through his online basketball training platform.

Ethan's goal is to equip players with the necessary tools to maximize their potential and thrive on and off the court. He prides himself in simplifying the game for his players and building their skill level, basketball IQ, decision making, and overall feel for the game. The goal is not just to offer basketball training but to offer complete basketball development by building better teammates and better people by building strong relationships with players who are committed to becoming the best that they can be.


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